“ I feel privileged to have been one of the chosen few that auditioned for the Custom Practice workshops. Not only was I able to meet and work with like-minded, intelligent actors and directors but I was given the opportunity to explore classical text freely. The support offered during these explorations from the workshop practitioners, other actors and Suba Das and Rae McKen was invaluable. I felt nurtured and comfortable in making mistakes to progress further and I walked away with new ways to open up classical text.

Having now been cast in Twelfth Night at the National Theatre I have found that the skills gained during the workshops have guided me through. I am grateful to both Suba and Rae for their hard work in putting the group together and organising the workshops and hope that their work may continue to allow people of all races to come together in classical performance.” Samantha Pearl

“ The Custom/Practice workshop was a hugely beneficial and exciting experience for me. I felt incredibly privileged to be exposed to a variety of approaches to classical acting by experts in the field and valued the comprehensive nature of the workshop, whereby textual analysis was supported throughout by intensive work on breath/voice and movement.

The experience has given me confidence not only in tackling classical roles in a practical sense, but also in the belief that such roles should be accessible to me, irrespective of my ethnicity.” Mariam Haque

“ I found the classical acting workshop with Custom/Practice an extraordinary opportunity to not only learn, but to practice and experiment in a safe environment. All the guest workshop leaders were top class and I feel very privileged to have been able to work with them all in such a short space of time. I don’ t know when else this type of training could have been possible. I found the whole 2 weeks enjoyable and an immense confidence builder, just what is needed in this difficult profession. Matt McCooey

“ The workshop gave me a rare and enlightening chance to explore the words and numerous techniques necessary to perform classical texts. I felt quite blessed to have been invited to work with such wonderful fellow actors and directors on classical works which may be a little difficult for me to reach in the professional arena, especially not having been to drama school to train in classical acting. The workshop gave me the chance to hone the skills I had already acquired for this work and more importantly opened my eyes up to new ones” . Gloria Onitri