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22 NOVEMBER – 11 DECEMBER 2011 – The White Bear Theatre

“… still does thy vengeance slumber?
If now thy brows are clear, when will they thunder?”

Custom/Practice and Graffiti Productions present a sparkling revival of Marston’s masterpiece, The Malcontent.

This carefully adapted revival of the play, not seen on a London stage for almost 10 years, promises 90 minutes rich with food for thought, and with plenty of laughs along the way.

“…this sexy, pacy production really grips you.” The London Magazine

“…a strong cast, witty design and intelligent reinterpretation brings this rarely played drama to glorious life.” Big Q Reviews

Creative Team:
Director: Rae Mcken
Designer: Penny Watson
Sound Design: Edward Lewis
Lighting Design: Dan Jones
Movement: Lucy Cullingford
Voice: Margo Cargill

The Malcontent : Autumn 2011