Custom/Practice is a London-based theatre company founded in 2010.

We’re committed to creating arresting productions of new and classical work delivered alongside an integrated programme of professional development and  high-level educational outreach that reflects the best practice and cultural diversity of 21st Century Britain.

Our productions are textually rigorous and physically demanding, aiming for both clarity and artistic excellence.

For various social, historical and economic reasons Britain in the 21st century is still driven by the white middle and upper classes. What drives us is our belief that anybody, whatever their class, background or education can create, access and enjoy theatre of the highest quality. We encourage artists and audiences from all backgrounds and socio-economic groups to join the fantastic world of live theatre.

Our work to date has been described as “an historic achievement” by Jatinder Verma (Artistic Director, Tara Arts); and “vital and groundbreaking” (Struan Leslie, Head of Movement, Royal Shakespeare Company).